Worship isn't what we do, it is who we are. We were created to worship the living God.


Worship allows us to experience God's presence in a unique way. The psalmist writes that God literally inhabits the praises of His people. Our worship and our songs are places we can go to meet with God.

The Nashville Vineyard has a vibrant worship community full of talented artists, musicians, and engineers passionately leading our church into the presence of God each week. Worship happens on Sundays, in Small Groups, during our Nights of Worship, and everywhere in between.



Our Vision For Worship


We not only sing songs you may know, but we also sing the songs that are birthed out of our local community. Songwriting is in our DNA as church. We have song writing groups, and the songs written here are starting to be sung around the world. But we believe this is just the beginning! God has plans to use our church to influence and inspire the music industry in a new way. We aren't just passionate about "Christian" songs, but about all songs and are working with artists from all genres and backgrounds to see the Kingdom of God come through music and the arts.